Sony camcorder has a projector for viewing 60-inch videos

In what can only be considered the next logical step in keeping dedicated HD camcorders relevant, Sony's new Handycam HDR-PJ50 sports a built-in projector on the back of its LCD, allowing for projections of up to 60-inches on any blank screen or wall.

Sony's new Handycam isn't the first camera to feature a built-in projector (that honor belongs to Nikon's Coolpix S1000pj from 2009), but it certainly is the only video camera that can generate such a huge projection. in HD 1080p. Sure, there are pico projectors like 3M's Shoot 'n Share that shoot HD video, but the weak VGA projector makes it pretty pointless.

On the other hand, picture quality on the HDR-PJ50 should be crystal clear during the shooting and viewing process. On the spec side, you'll be happy to hear that it packs a 220GB hard drive, a Sony G 30mm lens, has 12x optical zoom and 160x digital zoom, Dolby Digital 5.1 channel sound and can shoot 7.1-megapixel photos. Additional storage can be expanded via Sony's proprietary Memory Stick cards.

The price for a quality camera with an integrated projector doesn't come at a cheap price, though. It's on sale for about $900. If you have to be on the cutting edge, you might do well to import one of these, otherwise you should probably wait for it to hit your neck of the woods.

Update: It's come to our attention that the HDR-PJ50 does not in fact output in HD 1080p via its projector, but only at 640 x 360 resolution (bummer). Thanks projector man!

Sony, via TechTree

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