So long Space Shuttle Atlantis, the ISS is gonna miss ya

Continuing our coverage of the Space Shuttle program's final moments in the cold depths of space, NASA's released this beautiful and calming photo of the Atlantis as it undocks from the International Space Station for the very last time.

Wrapping up a 13-day mission freighting a year's worth of supplies and a few smartphones to the ISS, the Atlantis is ready to return home, get a thorough scrub down and then enter retirement.

The Atlantis is scheduled to touchdown on Earth tomorrow morning with the crew of four including Chris Ferguson, Doug Hurley, Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim making a safe return.

What's next for NASA's human ventures into space? Yesterday's news that NASA inked a deal with United Launch Alliance to modify an Atlas V rocket to shoot astronauts back into space is a start.

High-res photo of the Atlantis undocked from the ISS can be downloaded at the official NASA site below. The Atlantis crew also took a parting shot of the ISS, released by the space agency:



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