Skype teams up with Facebook for video chat

Facebook and Skype sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. The rumors were true, Facebook and Skype are partnering up to double down on bringing the king of video chat to the king of social networks.

This is BIG. Skype video chat on Facebook? This is going to be a huge boost for the Palo Alto-based social network. Whoever said Facebook was all play and no work? Millions of businesses use Skype as an inexpensive communications platform. With Skype no longer limited to its native apps, expect to see video chat adoption on the platform explode.

I've nearly transitioned my entire extended family to video chat using Skype over Windows Live Messenger and bringing Skype's superior video chat and instant messaging system over to Facebook and more importantly — the web is going to disrupt everybody, including Apple's FaceTime video chat. I'll take video chats through one portal over opening a separate app any day.

In fact, Facebook and Skype's new loveboat just made those Chromebooks seem a whole lot more useful too.

But wait, all is not well in mobile land. Skype video chat on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets will not be available. Facebook is taking a wait and see approach for video chat on its mobile platform.

What else is new? Well, the new buddy list on Facebook is now more dynamic. It smartly shows the friends you chat with the most, which can be quite helpful in sorting between all your real friends and all the people who just want to be driven in that new sports car you just bought.

Group chat is also included in the team-up. All we can say is: it's about time.

As far as Skype's half goes, it's getting Facebook features such as the ability to "Like," comment and instant message Facebook Chat users directly from the app. Great, more places to "Like" stuff.

The new Skype app with Facebook integration will roll out for Windows users first in version 5.3. We're assuming an updated Mac version will follow soon after. Facebook users who are looking forward to Skype video chatting on the web should see Skype integration on the social network within the next few weeks.

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