'Seed' concept records your vacations so you don't have to

What with the surge in cheap and easy consumer electronics over the past decade, it's all too easy to spend your entire vacation attempting to document said vacation, thereby ruining the experience and making your friends and family miserable. The Seed concept takes care of all that for you, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself for a change.

Seed (technically it's "SEED") is a concept for a sort of robotic blimp that follows you around when you're on vacation, recording every single detail of your experiences with a forensic determination that you're not likely to see outside of a crime drama. It doesn't just record a constant stream of video, it also keeps track of the weather, the temperature, and even ambient smells so you can share an immersive real-time replay of your entire trip with your friends back home, who will probably either kill you or poke their own eyes out with forks halfway through.

Seed is capable of doing much more than just following you around, though. It's also designed to serve as a tour guide, using GPS and an internet connection to guide you from place to place. And when you're done traveling or are tired of embarrassing yourself in front of the locals, you can just deflate the balloon part and pack the robot away.

To get a better sense of how the interface works, check out the (admittedly hokey) video below.

Via Yanko

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