Scrapmetal alien motorcycle will rip the road to shreds

What would you do if you saw this motorcycle, clearly inspired by Alien vs. Predator roaring down the highway? I think, most drivers would think the world's under an alien invasion, but the truth is, this bike's only the twisted creation of 54-year-old Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn.

Bangkok's got talent, and it's more than just a place for the Hangover crew to get smashed up in. Sangwongprisarn owns four Ko Art Shops in Thailand with artists that use scrap metals from cars, motorcycles and bikes to make freaky, yet detailed metal sculptures.

It looks awesome, it really does. Check out those ribs and rear tail. It takes mastery beyond high school's metal workshop class to build a bike this wild. Sangwongprisarn, today you won the Internet!

Our big turnoff? If you crash the bike by accident, it's going to hurt a lot more with all those parts flying all over the place — possibly into your body.

DailyMail, via OddityCentral

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