Scary looking Worm-Bot slithers anywhere to save your life

In the future, if you're trapped underneath rubble awaiting help, the first thing you see may not be a rescue dog or a heroic fireman, it may very well turn out to be a sinister-looking, giant worm squirming through the cracks to save your life. But wait, it's not as bad as it seems.

Developed by British researcher Dr. Jordan Boyle, the Worm-Bot was inspired by the organic movements of the nematode worm. Instead of using preprogrammed algorithms to continuously map terrain, as many robots do, the Worm-Bot simply plows forward using its unique style of locomotion to traverse nearly any environment. Boyle hopes this robot will one day be used for search and rescue, which would be nice, but we'd suggest making the robot look a little less like a mechanical parasite coming to suck your brains out as you lay weakened and unable to move. You can check out the Worm-Bot in action in the video below.

Via Physorg

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