UPDATE: Samsung study finds that certain 3D habits causes eye strain, fatigue

When this was first reported, a lot of blogs (look here and here) — DVICE included — picked up on this story with the same slant. That is to say, harp on Samsung for stating the obvious, and then leave it at that. Turns out, when you actually read the company's report, things get a lot more interesting. -Ed

A new study by Samsung has found what many people have been saying for a long time now: that watching 3D video causes eye strain and fatigue. Not good news for the 3D TV industry!

In addition to the findings that watching any 3D video made people uncomfortable, the effects were heightened when people sat closer to the screen. That means that 3D video that's viewed in a movie theater is more comfortable than 3D video viewed at home on a 3D TV, and it's even worse for handheld devices, such as the Nintendo 3DS.

Pretty awkward news to come from a company that's spending a whole lot of money making 3D TVs, eh?

UPDATE: Samsung isn't just saying that 3D viewing causes eye strain, but, specifically, that different methods of viewing 3D can negatively impact the viewer more. Read the report here. The company performed a battery of tests involving the distance one is from a 3D display, where the display is asking you to focus, one's "zone of comfort" and more, and Samsung is using that data to gauge how that effects one's vision and health.

Via Ars Technica

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