UPDATE: It's official, Netflix raises prices for its DVD/streaming plans

UPDATE: This morning the big rumor was that Netflix would be cranking up the cost of its DVD+streaming plan to $16, up from the $9.99 it was originally. Netflix has confirmed that's what's going to happen. New subs get hit immediately; current Netflix users will have to make a decision by September and can see the changes now in their accounts.

It looks like all of the DVD+streaming plans that Netflix offers have gotten a bump up: two discs and unlimited Internet love used to cost $16, and it's now up to $20. The three-disc-and-streaming plan was $20 and is now $24.

There are also several unlimited DVD-only plans available starting at $7.99, and you can decide to go unlimited streaming-only for the same price.

As for the new costs, Marketing VP Jessie Becker had this to say in a Netflix blog post: "We are separating unlimited DVDs by mail and unlimited streaming into separate plans to better reflect the costs of each and to give our members a choice: a streaming only plan, a DVD only plan or the option to subscribe to both."

What do you think? Did your Netflix experience just get a tad more expensive? Too expensive? Do you remain a happy consumer of cheap Netflix streams? Sound off below.

Updated information via Reuters.

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The original post follows.

So, don't freak out, but Netflix may be about to revamp its entire pricing structure. The coming change started with the discovery of an imminent DVD-only unlimited plan for $7.99, which is how much you'll also pay for unlimited streaming sans discs. Want both? That could cost more — as much as $16, according to one site.

At $7.99 the new plan, which will allow you to rent as many DVDs a month as you want at a rate of one at a time, will slot in comfortably between a $5 option, which allows you two DVDs a month, and one that combines the unlimited single-DVD-at-a-time option with all you can eat streaming, too, for $9.99. It's this last option that could rise up to as much as $16. That would mean that a DVD+streaming plan would fit in between current options for two DVDs a month for $15, and three discs a month for $20, both with unlimited streaming.

Spot the problem? The two-disc plan would be cheaper than the new one offering a single disc. Engadget's Richard Lawler, who appears to be adding the streaming and one-disc plans together to get $16, indicates that this is the first evidence of a shift of Netflix's entire pricing structure toward the pricier. It could happen as early as tomorrow, too, sometime in the evening.

The reasoning is sound — and Lawler has polled "an anonymous tipster from within the company," but we won't know how it all shakes out until Netflix drops the news itself. Of course, the flipside here is that the $9.99 DVD+streaming plan stays where it is and nothing changes in any of the more expensive options. That seems harmonious enough, but said anonymous sources indicate this isn't going to happen.

Tip: go check what your Netflix plan is currently set at. I only stream these days and haven't used a Netflix disc for well over a year, but I was locked in at $9.99 for the DVD+streaming plan Netflix could be getting ready to replace. Netflix hasn't indicated any plans to let current subscribers keep their current plans after the possible change, either, so this is definitely something to watch.

Neflix, via Hacking Netflix, via Engadget

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