Roomba art: trippy LED light paintings made with a robo vacuum

Who knew that the Roomba was such a talented little robot? Having conquered floors around the world and become the choice of transport for babies, the humble little robotic vacuum is moving on to bigger, more artsy aspirations: LED light painting.

As part of the IBR Roomba Art series by a group photographers at Germany's Braunschweig University of Technolog, Roomba vacuums outfitted with colored LEDs and were let loose to roam around in the dark while a camera captured long-exposure photographs of them in action. The results, as you can see in the gallery are pretty neon-riffic.

Forget fireworks, I'm off to find me a Roomba!

IBR Roomba Art, reconscious, Steve Doll, Mike Bala, Paul Chavady , via DesignBoom

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