Real-time immersive 3D system delivers a head-mounted holodeck

In the last decade it seems that with every year we take another significant step closer toward realizing the amazing possibilities of a real world Star Trek holodeck. The latest iteration of the virtual world dynamic comes to us from Japan's Crescent Inc.

The company has come up with a combination of devices and software that offer a real time three-dimensional, interactive environment that a user can use to experience gaming, tours, education, or even engage in a form of therapy. The construct, named the Immersive Digital Entertainment, uses real-time rendering technology called Virtools in concert with super hi-def cameras and image analysis software to give the user the sense that he is actually immersed in another world that responds to his live input. Think of it as "Second Life" with your actual body as the avatar on the screen. You can see the system in action in the video below.

Via Diginfo

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