Radar pats you down for weapons and bombs from 100 yards away

The TSA often has to deal with some fairly angry customers after their routine pre-flight grope-downs, but the military has it way, way worse: some of the people they have to handle may actually explode. A new radar system will keep everyone much safer thanks to its ability to perform virtual pat-downs from 100 yards away.

SET Corporation's CounterBomber radar system uses a series of low level radar beams bouncing off people at long range to paint a sort of picture out of reflected signals. By comparing the reflected signals to a huge database of what the signals of people who aren't carrying bombs or weapons, the system can alert you if it detects something that doesn't add up. And by comparing these "anomalous" signals to another database, it can even tell you what it thinks it sees.

The accuracy of the CounterBomber system is supposed to be significantly better than your typical airport scanner, although disappointingly, it won't show you what people 100 yards away look like naked. 40 of these systems are already operational in Iraq and Afghanistan, at $300,000 each.

SET, via Danger Room

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