PS4 concept packed with futuristic tech would make Sony proud

Gamers want the PlayStation 4. Developers want the PlayStation 4. Sony says not to expect the PS4 for at least another handful of years. What's a brother to do if he really wants a PS4? If your name is Joseph Dumary, you design your own and cram it with so much futuristic tech, the "father of the PlayStation," Ken Kutaragi, would cry tears to see this thing make it past the the concept stage.

Evolving on the slim PS3's design, Dumary's PS4 concept is made out of 60 percent recyclable materials, magnesium alloy and carbon, sucks zero watts while in standby and has a switch that automatically turns off power from the outlet every 30 minutes and draws power from its rechargeable battery for about five minutes.

In Dumary's world, physical media is still alive and kicking. The PS4 console has a 3D Blu-ray optical drive, 1.5TB hard drive, DLNA, five USB 3.0 ports (two on front, three on back), support for 4K resolution, wireless HDMI or DPConnect-compatibility for up to six HDTVs and a controller with a touchscreen that resembles early Wii U fan mock-ups.

Being a concept, Dumary's dream machine features don't stop there. There's PS Vita connectivity, Sony Ericsson sync, tons of apps and widgets, Bluetooth and even a nifty "ECO Restart" feature that resumes games from the last save point from before it was switched off.

We doubt Sony's PS4 will pack as many new technologies as the PS3 did back in 2006, but then again what are we without dreams?

Coroflot, Via PS3maven, Concept-Phones and YankoDesign

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