Prosthetic camera eyeball would transform this lady into a cyborg

Meet Tanya Marie Vlach. In 2005, she lost her left eyeball in a near death car accident. She's collecting funds to build a new HD-equipped prosthetic eyeball capable of augmented reality that'll let her "see" again. Basically, she's not afraid to embrace her inner 'borg fantasy.

Vlach's plan is to implant a digital camera that can shoot at hopefully 720p resolution into her existing eyeball shell. Video would be remote triggered with the feed beamed via a wireless transmitter to a mobile device app of some sort. Right now, the planned specs include MPEG-4 / H.264 recording, Bluetooth, Mini A/V out, Firewire, USB, Mini HDMI, 3x optical zoom and a power plug connector.

That's already a tall order, but Vlach doesn't want to stop with just the basics. She wants the best cyborg eye that money can buy, and is hoping features such as sensors that take photos/zoom/focus from blinks, infrared/ultraviolet, geo-tagging, facial recognition and light sensitivity and of course wireless can be implemented as well.

So far, the idea's latched onto a few engineers, including ocularist William Danz and Wired founder Kevin Kelly. Vlach just needs the money to get her robo-eye on.

She needs about $15,000 to fund her cyborg eye. Currently, she has about $6,100. With 20 days left, folks, let's help make it happen! This could become the start of something...magical.

While some people might be uncomfortable with her having a robotic eye that has advanced video camera capabilities, remember that with gadgets such as the Looxcie and HD cameras in smartphones and glasses, most of our privacy is already relinquished every time we step outside. This cyborg eye is no different and it'll probably look damned cool.

Via Kickstarter

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