Photojojo lens mount turns your iPhone into a silly DSLR wannabe

The iPhone 4's camera is awesome. So awesome it's become Flickr's most popular camera of all time. Do you know what would make that smartphone camera even better? Canon and Nikon lenses.

Experts say you can't make good photos without decent glass. If that's the case, then Photojojo's iPhone SLR lens mount is the perfect solution to giving your smartphone new photographic powers. We've seen DIY solutions involving custom-made iPhone cases and a lot of duct tape, but Photojojo lens mount is much more elegant.

Sure, you'll look awfully ridiculous strapping a zoom or L-lens to an iPhone 4, but at least you'll have the large (for a DSLR) 3.5-inch Retina Display touchscreen. Photojojo's selling the lens mount in Canon and Nikon-compatible flavors for $190 with free shipping.

Sure, it might be wiser to spend that $200 on a fast prime lens, but hey, it's your money!

Via Photojojo

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