NASCAR track makes a green push using sheep and the sun

NASCAR racing and treehugging are not activities that normally go hand in hand, but a California NASCAR circuit is making a big push to ensure that their facility is as green as possible.

Infineon Raceway's multi-pronged attack on environmental concerns includes conventional things like a recycling push and tree planting, but also some wackier ideas like a herd of 3,000 sheep to trim the infield grass, and running races for zero emissions cars and motorcycles. The track's pace car hasn't been left out of the plans, and is now a Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Solar power is a big part of the push, and Infineon now generates 41 percent of the circuit's total electrical needs using 1,700 solar panels. They even replaced their big upcoming events sign out on Highway 37 with a solar powered LED version.

Now all they need is a way to convince those NASCAR drivers and top fuel drags racers to make the switch over to biofuels.

Infineon Raceway, via TreeHugger

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