Nao robot can take professional photos as good as the pros

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? When you're a programmable NAO robot, learning new tricks is part of the job. A team of scientists in Hydrabad, India have programmed one of the cute little 'bots to take photos that anybody would be proud to have framed.

Anybody can pick up a camera and take a picture, but how many people can take good pictures that don't just place the subject dead-center, but actually turn snaps into photographs worthy of being called art?

Taking better photos isn't rocket science. The two major rules photographers usually follow are the "rule of thirds" and "golden ratio." Without getting into all the confusing bits (you can read their respective Wikipedia pages to learn more), the NAO robot is basically equipped with a head-mounted camera and through the magic of algorithms, stacks up a potential photo against those two programmed rules. The software runs the photo through a database of human-rated 60,0000 images that are considered to be "great" and then determines if the pic snapped is worth keeping. If it doesn't meet the standard of a well composed pic, the NAO robot takes another until it's acceptable.

By following those two rules, the photos produced by the NAO robot should be vastly more impressive in composition than a huge majority of the pics you find on Flickr and Facebook.

While the robot's photo-taking skills might be impressive, it's important to note that there's still a magic touch to human photography: the ability to decide what is interesting. That's something a robot won't be able to do until it gets ultra advanced artificial intelligence.

Raghudeep Gadde, via NewScientist

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