MyCopter project to prepare Europe for the age of the flying car

Everybody wants to know where their flying car is, but let's just stop for a minute and think about what happens when everybody gets a flying car. All those terrible drivers will suddenly have the opportunity to crash directly into your house from above, and trust me, they will. The EU is trying to get a jump on the problem, with a project called myCopter.

The intent of myCopter is to set up a framework in which even the most idiotic drivers will be able to take advantage of personal air vehicles (PAVs). The key, of course, is making sure that the aforementioned idiots have as minimal a role in the operation of their vehicles as possible, which is why the EU wants PAVs to be mostly (or fully) autonomous. Initially, they'll stay out of controlled airspace (i.e. areas around airports where they risk tangling with a 747), but eventually the idea is to have them completely integrated into our existing infrastructure.

This is one of those times where the longer you wait to figure out a working system, the crazier things are going to get, so even though nobody has flying cars yet, the EU is still planning to start work on communications and control systems using UAVs and semi-autonomous helicopters. These vehicles will be taught how to avoid obstacles, plan routes, and fly in formation, which (should) keep them from plowing into your second-floor bedroom. You know, mostly.

MyCopter, via MobileMag

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