Microsoft's first Mango OS phone gets a name (a crummy one)

The iPhone. The Droid. Now, the, uh, IS12T. (Is it like a 1337 thing? "Isirt?") Details are still rolling in, but the Fujitsu-Toshiba phone will be the first to fly Microsoft's Mango flag, and the first to enjoy the fruit of its touted "500 new features."

Microsoft first took the wraps off of Mango back in May, and with the latest version of the Windows Phone 7 operating system — 7.5, if you're into version numbers — the phones will get the ability to group contacts together (a bit like Google+'s circles, from the sound of it) as well as conversation-structured emailing, app multitasking, deep integration with social networks and more.

Fujitsu-Toshiba doesn't have any plans to bring the IS12T to the U.S., but despair not. According to PC Mag's Peter Pachal, formerly of this very blog, there are other Mango options on the way:

Other partners making Mango Windows Phones include HTC, Samsung, Acer, ZTE, LG, and of course Nokia, which announced a major strategy shift to Windows Phone in January. Nokia is expected to unveil its first Mango phone, possibly called the "Sea Ray," in October.

I don't know if it's because the interface has a nice fresh look to it or if maybe I'm just hungry, but I really can't wait to play with Mango sometime soon.

Via PC Mag

Image via Diary Digits

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