Italian speed cops get Lotus Evora supercars; are they hiring?

If you like to drive with a heavy right foot, you might want to avoid Italy for a while. Because instead of trying to chase you down in a boring Ford Crown Vic like most US cops, the Italian Carabinieri have just taken delivery of a couple of Lotus Evora supercars for Autostrada enforcement.

The cars will have the standard Carabinieri livery and are equipped with sirens and a light bar just like a regular cop car, although at only 48 inches high, those flashing lights are going to be tough for anyone in a big SUV to see in their rear view mirror.

One neat added feature is the built in refrigerator, which lets them use the car as a high speed transport for human organs needed for transplant. I'm guessing it can also be used to keep the cops' iced cappuccinos chilled when they're not on a hospital run.

This also sounds like a great recruiting tool for the Carabinieri. It's hard to imagine a cooler job than cruising at high speed up and down the Autostrada all day in a supercar, without any fear of arrest.

The only thing I can't figure out, is why cops from the land of Lamborghinis and Ferraris decided to go with a British car.

Via Jalopnik

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