It doesn't get better than a Star Wars RTS on a 20-foot touchwall

Man, kids these days. I grew up thinking that Oregon Trail and Choplifter were hot stuff, and now they've got Star Wars real-time multiplayer strategy games on 20-foot LCD touchwalls.

This game is called Force Commander, and it was developed by Arthur Nishimoto, a graduate student at the University of Illinois' Electronic Visualization Laboratory. He started off with official LucasArts sounds and graphics from games like Star Wars: Rebellion and Star Wars: Empire At War, and gradually added his own interface elements, gameplay, and additional units, including fighters and bombers designed in (no fooling) MS Paint.

Last summer, Artur started working on moving Force Commander over to the EVL's 16 megapixel LCD multi-touch wall. It's a finger-blistering 20 feet wide with a resolution of 8160 by 2304, and from the look of things, the gameplay is so awesome that whatever poor computers are driving this thing can barely keep up:

Using this system, you and a bunch of your friends can all play the same game at once, which looks it would be a lot of fun even for grumpy old dudes like myself. And besides, you'll need about twenty fingers all at once to keep those Mon Calamari cruisers from fleeing at the first sign of anything that might remotely resemble a trap.

Fleet Commander and EVL, via Gizmag

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