Iron Man Xbox 360 comes with its own Arc Reactor

Iron Man 3 won't hit theaters until at least 2013, but that didn't stop Mark Bongo from giving his Xbox 360 slim a red and gold makeover. This mod isn't only a fresh splash of color, it has a glowing Arc Reactor and matching controller.

Even though, we've seen our fair share of Xbox 360 mods, including the R2-D2, toaster, and even the an Iron Man mod for the original Xbox 360, we're still taken away by Bongo's creation. As if the LED-lit Arc Reactor wasn't awesome enough, Bongo had to go and build a fancy rugged Stark Industries case for both the console and the controller. How could any Iron Man and Xbox 360 fan not want this?

The only thing that's missing is an Iron Man modded Kinect. Once Bongo makes one of those, his trifeca of Xbox 360 goods will be complete!

For the full low-down on Bongo's hot Iron Man Xbox 360, check out the gallery pics below. Makes your generic black Xbox 360 slim look pretty lousy, doesn't it?

Facebook, via Geeky-Gadgets

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