iPod Nano knockoff is more feature-packed than Apple's offering

If you want to listen to music, you can certainly do that on the iPod Nano. But what about watching a movie or reading a book? You can't do that on Apple's square little player, and this Chinese knockoff, the Timesnap, is looking to correct that.

This shanzhai product — shanzhai meaning ripoff or counterfeit, and a word we learned from BirdAbroad, the blogger who lit up the Internet with her fake Apple store post — even lifts the idea of an MP3 player watch made popular by the Nano. It'll allow you to load all kinds of media files onto the watch, from music to movies to e-books, and you can then enjoy them on its 1.5-inch color display. Not a touchscreen like the Nano — just a regular ol' display. It even has a "sing-a-long" feature that'll let you read the lyrics to whatever song you're playing, but it's not clear how that works.

That begs the question: do you want to do all that on such a small screen? The Timesnap should probably come with a voucher for a free pair of glasses, too. That, and judging from the Timesnap's press imagery, it's design probably lends itself less to enjoying Citizen Kane, and more toward Girls Gone Wild.

Either way, the thing's pretty cheap at $36.

Chinavasion, via Designbuzz, via Ubergizmo

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