Papercraft replicas recreate 6 classic gadgets in crazy detail

Remember the super intricate paper GameBoy? Well, the papercraft masters Zim & Zou are back, but with six gadgets that'll blast you back into the past.

Included in the set is an old-school film Leica with film, brick cellphone, Polaroid camera with instant film, Walkman, cassette tape, NES controller and 2.5-inch floppy disc.

Impressive papercrafts aren't new, but the level of detail in these paper gadgets is just...unbelievable. Using nothing but box cutters, rulers, protractors, compasses and glue, Zim & Zou recreated every switch, dial, button on these gadgets in full. Say what you want, but these papercrafts are art. Building them with neon paper only serves to highlight the beauty of these old (and mostly retired) gadgets.

Give your eyeballs a treat by flipping through the gallery of paper gadgets below, then head on over to Zim & Zou's vimeo page to see a time-lapse video of the fine workmanship. Guaranteed to be the best thing you've seen all day.

Zim & Zou, via Fubiz

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