Hotmail will no longer allow dumb passwords such as 'password'

Attention Hotmail users who use stupid passwords such as "password," "123456" and "ilovecats," Microsoft will soon be blocking such common and weak codes to prevent your account from getting hacked in a jiffy.

Despite warning its Hotmail account users to create a strong password upon sign-up (usually recommended to include digits, symbols and letter casing), people are still using weak passwords such as the ones mentioned above.

To protect idiots new Hotmail users from being more susceptible to hacks, the webmail service will ban all common password combinations. The feature will roll out to new users first and eventually make its way to existing users who are still using weak passwords sometime in the future.

With cyberhacks on the rise, beefing up security is a must for any company. Forcing users to come up with more secure passwords is a start. Here's to hoping all web services follow in Microsoft's footsteps. Thinking about it, we really don't know why it took so long for a company to start doing this.

Via ArsTechnica

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