Guy makes a laser repulsor beam powerful enough to blind people

You gotta hand it to all those crazy Iron Man fans. It seems like not a week goes by without some crafty fanatic showing some Tony Stark love with a wicked DIY project. Patrick Priebe's hand-worn 1,000 milliwatt laser is no different.

Inspired by Iron Man's repulsor beam palm blaster, Priebe decided he had to have his own. Using a two millimeter sheet of brass cut into a C-shape to fit into his hand, a Casio projector laser diode and lithium batteries, Priebe built himself a killer laser that can stay turned on continuously for up to three minutes.

Three minutes is plenty of time for his little weapon to "scorch balloons, wood, a CD case or a piece of raw chicken" and blind a person who isn't wearing safety goggles. That's just for one laser. Imagine if Priebe builds a second one!

OK, we get it. Priebe IS Iron Man. Please, don't take our readers' lunch money!

Via PopSci

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