Guy builds a real turbine-powered Batmobile with iPad on board

Casey Putsch is one helluva Batman fan. Last week, we reminisced about 14 iconic Batmobiles, but Putsch's turbine-powered Batmobile easily takes the cake as one of the best superhero car mods we've ever seen. Tossing in an iPad as its avionics and GPS systems is just icing and a cherry on top.

Based off of Tim Burton's 1989 Batman Batmobile, Putsch packed in a real turbine jet engine from an old U.S. Navy drone helicopter that burns jet fuel, kerosene or diesel. Street-legal, the 20-foot long and 7.5-foot wide, 2,800 pound, two-seater Batmobile is said to be capable of 365 horsepower, or about the same as a Dodge Viper.

The original Burtonmobile had a CD player (high-tech, at the the time), but in keeping up with the times, Putsch made sure to upgrade it to what appears to be an iPad with 3G.

Bruce Wayne would be proud to drive Putsch's Batmobile! The only thing we're not liking is how loud that engine appears, but that's just us looking for balls to bust. Putsch stuffed a drone helicopter engine in a car; who else has one like his?

Be sure to watch the video of Putsch's turbine-powered Batmobile on YouTube here.

Putsche Racing, via Todd Cooper Rider and AutoBlog

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