Google+ userbase found to be overwhelmingly male (and lonely)

Right on the back of reports that Google+ will allow users to conceal their gender — or the entirety of their profile, if they so chose — comes word that said users mostly male. The ratios vary, but everyone agrees: Google+ is hurting for a feminine presence.

Mashables's Jolie O'Dell did some digging:

SocialStatistics, a third-party site that gathers data from select profiles, pegs the percentage of male users at 86.8%, while FindPeopleOnPlus, which curates information from about a million users, says men constitute 73.7% of Google+.

O'Dell then went on to add that the latter site "discovered that 95% of the Google+ users who say they are 'looking for love' on the site are male." (This data does not, of course, account for what said love-seeking males are looking for, whereas Facebook has an "interested in" section with which users can identify as straight or gay.)

Great. This after the site has hit 10 million subscribers, to boot — a number sizable enough that you'd think there'd be more diversity.

While theories are flying as to why this is — from wondering if early adopters are predominantly male or if the nature of a beta means that it'll spend a few weeks getting the most interest from the male-heavy tech world — we want to kick this question to you. Guys, are the ladies in your life not asking for Google+ invites? Gals, are you not interested? Let us know in the comments below.

Via Mashable

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