Frankesteintax: 1917 Kodak film camera mashed up with a DSLR

We've been on a camera frenzy lately, lusting after the mini Pentax Q and Olympus E-P3, but neither one can defend itself up against the Frankensteintax, an unholy splice between a Pentax DSLR and a 1917 Series III Kodak 127 camera, that works!

Created by Flickr user "AM Radio," the Frankensteintax uses nothing but elastics and few pieces of basswood to hold the frankencamera together. According to its maker, the Pentax DSLR is set in manual mode and handles the shutter and film speed while the Kodak camera takes care of setting the aperture.

The mashup cam is especially good for taking macro photos, with the old viewfinder still fully intact. AM Radio is looking to find a more elegant solution to his monster cam, but for now, the entire thing just works.

For the artsy experimenter who's looking for a new way to explore photography, the Frankensteintax might just be the perfect way to blend analog and digital.

Flickr, via Notcot

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