First Total Recall set pics reveal robo-cops, hover cars and more

Hey, did you hear? Total Recall, the sci-fi action classic that brought us full-body X-ray airport scanners and demanded we get our ass to Mars, is coming back sometime next year with a star-studded cast. These shots from the set offer a glimpse at some of the sweet tech we can expect.

We see what looks to be robotic cop-bots (or just police officers in really skinny armored suits), hovering police cars, a passport from "New Asia" — to get one's aforementioned ass to Mars, of course — and an interior shot reminiscent of the security checkpoint on Mars from the 1990 movie. Also, confirmed in image four: the robo-cop-that-may-be-people of the future like to smoke in corners and use iPhones.

Honestly, I don't know if I even care how the movie turns out. I just want more homicidal Johnny cabs and big bright red balls coming out of nostrils and fake exploding heads and real heads that nearly explode but are magically okay.

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Via io9 and Screen Rant and Inside Pulse

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