Ferrari golf cart won't get you around the links any faster

A round of golf usually rolls out at a pretty leisurely pace, so I can understand why someone would want to speed things up a bit by zooming around the links in a Ferrari.

This Enzo Ferrari inspired golf cart looks the business, but unfortunately underneath the skin, it's just a regular everyday golf cart. Top speed of the electric F5 is around 20mph, or approximately 9% of the maximum velocity of the real thing.

Manufacturer Pennwick only refers to it as the "F5" presumably to avoid lawsuits, but any Ferrari fan will instantly recognize that shape as belonging to the 2002 Enzo Ferrari. Features include an ice bucket where you can chill some beverages, although you should still avoid drinking and driving.

Options include a stretched six passenger version, 15 inch rims for added bling, a stereo, and a golf bag holder. You would think that last one would be standard, but apparently not.

One thing Mr Ferrari would be familiar with is the F5's price. At $20,500 plus options, it costs about four times as much as a similarly equipped but more boring looking electric EZGO cart.

Pennwick, via Born Rich

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