Dorky sunglasses use cam and LCD screens to shield sun glare

The summer sun is here, and the last few days have just been heatwave after heatwave here in the Big Apple and across the world. Stylish sunglasses that minimize sun glare are a must. Sunglasses that darken only certain parts where glare is present? Smart.

That's the idea behind Chris Mullin's prototype sunglasses that use LCD screens that work together with an embedded camera to eradicate glare forever.

Whereas regular sunglasses use polarized lenses to shut out the glare, Mullin's sunglasses only darken the part on the lens (in this case, LCD screens) that are hit with glare. The LCD screens contain pixels that can be "turned on and off to black out certain areas."

The camera hidden in the nose bridge is useed to track where the glare is coming from and then send a signal to the on-board microprocessor which then tells the LCD lenses where to darken.

There already exist sunglasses that adjust to different levels of light, darkening as the luminosity goes up, but this is special in that it doesn't darken the entire lens — only certain spots.

Mullin has no plans to manufacture the sunglasses for the foreseeable future, but as Ecouterre notes, it could aid fighter pilots and soldiers in seeing clearer in the field. When these do get produced, someone find Mullin a designer, because these are dweeby as hell.

Via Ecouterre

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