Darth Vader hair dryer is to dry for

Let's be honest and admit that most licensed movie products are complete junk. Even more so, is Star Wars merch. If there's anybody who knows how to milk a brand to oblivion, it's George Lucas. Strangely enough, this hair dryer based off of Darth Vader's mask is calling us from a galaxy far far away.

We're no hair connoisseurs, but we think we'd have slightly neater hairdos if we had this simple, yet imperial-looking Darth Vader hair dryer designed by Tembolat Gugkaev. Resembling the evil Sith's iconic electronic mouthbox, the hair dryer is simple and striking, just like the dark lord himself.

If not a hair dryer, we'll settle for a bullhorn that blares a siren and transforms your voice into that of James Earl Jones. With a cool bullhorn like that, gym teachers would finally get the respect they deserve. Gugkaev, you've got our approval, now go get Mr. Lucas' and we'll make that pre-order faster than you can say "I AM your father!"

Tembolat Gugkaev, via Nerd Approved

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