Crazy DIY wheelchair elevator lowers paraplegic out window

Name a couple of athletes that have defied odds? Jackie Robinson, Lance Armstrong and Venus Williams are just a few that come to mind. Dmitriy Bibikow is another. A former mountaineer and sky diver, now crippled paraplegic, Bibikow waited six years for an elevator that never came, so he built his own.

When you're disabled from a climbing accident, feel like a prison inside of your own home and the pity of all whom you must ask for assistance, life can feel downright miserable.

Six years ago, Bibikow bought a fifth-floor flat and was promised an elevator would be installed for easy access, but it never materialized. Doing what any person high on life would do, he built a robotic lift that lowers him up and down from his apartment on the side of the building faster than most tenants can walk up and down.

The wheelchair lift is controlled by what appears to be two yellow remotes with large red buttons that control the movement of the seat. While safety concerns loom and it's uncertain whether or not the local council will allow Bibikow to keep his homemade elevator, we can't help but root for him.


How many of you would have the guts to be lowered up and down the side of a building by nothing more than a few pieces of rope (presumably mountain-climbing tough)? The DIY elevator should be a miracle for the married father of one, but what about those harsh frigid winters in Voronezh? It might be wise to invest in a canopy of some sort.

Daily Mail, via Geekosystem

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