Chinese physicists prove time travel is impossible

The hopes of going back in time and visiting the jurassic era to escape a T-Rex and warping into the future to save the world from Skynet will never happen. Chinese physicists have just proved that time traveling is out of the realm of possibility (at least in this universe).

In a published study, Shengwang Du and his team of physicists at the Hong Kong University of Technology and Science stated that single photons can't travel faster than the speed of light.

By result, the possibilities of time traveling have been debunked in one fell swoop because it was previously believed that if a single photon could travel faster than the speed of light, it could "teleport" information to another time.

Du has no idea how many dreams he just shattered with his findings:

"By showing that single photons cannot travel faster than the speed of light, our results bring a closure to the debate on the true speed of information carried by a single photon."

While it's kind of relieving to know that there can't possibly be any time travelers spying on us from a distant future, it's also a little upsetting to think that a Delorean or Tardis time machine will never be built with real-working functions. I suppose, we'll just have to devote more time to focusing on living in the here and now.

HK University of Technology, via L.A. Times

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