Change your bike's gear shift with your brainwaves

Practical or not, Parlee Cycles have developed a carbon fiber concept bicycle that uses brainwaves in order to change its gears. While it might not spell the death for physical switches anytime soon, it does open the door to inspiring gadgets with brain-controlled technology.

As part of the Toyota Prius Projects, the bike known as the PXP utilizes two parts to get its telepathic control on. The first part is a helmet equipped with neurotransmitters that read a wearer's brainwaves. The second piece of the puzzle is a wireless transmitter attached to the bike's seat post. When concentrated on, the transmitter in the helmet will send a signal to the seat post telling it to change gears.

Parlee Cycle's bike is still a work in progress and the entire process is controlled by a smartphone right now, but it hopes to get the brain-controlled tech up and running real soon.

We're excited for mind control, but as we said earlier, we're not sure how practical it will be for something like changing a bike gear, when shifting gears today is a mere finger away. Maybe when we get bikes that can be steered and balanced with our brains, then we'll jump up and celebrate.

Toyota Prius Projects, via Gizmag

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