Canon DSLR Bank hides your cash while you save for the real thing

Saving up for your first high-end DSLR camera can be a Herculean test of will, especially when there are so many other, cheaper photo options available out there. But not anymore!

For those committed to stacking their pennies in pursuit of that $3,000 Canon 5D Mark II photographer's dream, there's now a device that can help you feel like part of the club while slowly making your way toward the Ferrari of prosumer cameras. The DSLR Bank looks exactly like a Canon EOS DSLR camera, from a large detachable lens, to accurate switches and interface detailing. Anyone seeing this sitting on your desk will walk away assuming you've already reached your DSLR aspirations. This would also make a nice decoy prop in case you want to hide your real DSLR from thieves. You can pick one up for just $22.50 here.

Via 1000Milligrams

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