Burt Rutan's 16 wildest custom aircraft

Last week, Burt Rutan announced his retirement from Scaled Composites while simultaneously unveiling a prototype of his latest design, the Model 367 BiPod flying car roadable plane. Rutan gave each of his aircraft designs a model number, and as you may have surmised by now, he's got a lot of designs, and most of them are spectacularly innovative.

The most extraordinary thing about Rutan's aircraft is how many of them were actually built and flown by the company he founded, Scaled Composites. And it's not like it's just the (relatively) ordinary ones that got off the ground either, since no less than five of his designs now reside in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

You probably already know about Scaled Composites' spaceships and carrier aircraft, but today, we're taking a look back at sixteen of Rutan's earlier extreme designs.

Check out tons more info on all of these designs (as well as pretty much everything else Rutan ever worked on) here.

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