Bike Fixtation keeps you on the road when gremlins strike

Anyone who rides a bike regularly, knows that a breakdown when you're miles from home can be royal pain in the rear. The Bike Fixtation makes these unexpected problems easier to manage, by providing the tools and parts you need to keep your machine on the road.

The Bike Fixtation consists of two basic parts, a vending machine stocked with repair parts like inner tubes, patch kits and brake cables, and bike a repair stand stocked with tools including an air pump.

Bike Fixtations are designed to be located in a transit hub such as a train station, where bike/train commuters are more likely to encounter problems, and the staff can keep an eye on things to prevent vandalism.

The great thing about this, is that is gives people the confidence to use their bike, knowing that they won't get stranded out in the boonies. Currently there are just two Bike Fixtations, and both are in Minneapolis. Hopefully they will be popping up around the rest of the country soon.

Bike Fixtation, via Wired Gadget Lab

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