Backpack drawing machine sketches the world in real-time

Evoking images of a Leonardo da Vinci old world invention that was far ahead of its time, the Situationist Drawing Device is a very real device that was invented to literally map our 21st century reality.

Created by UK-based designers Ji Soo Han and Paul Ornsby, the contraption sits on the wearer's back and as he walks through the real world it "records a journey taken in an altered state of perception through drawing." Connecting a set of mirrors to hand controls that are in turn linked to a drawing wheel, the creation is more tech-in-the-service-of-art than a widely usable device. But what it lacks in practical application, it makes up for by looking like an amazingly fun way to walk the streets like a mad scientist. You can check out the Situationist Drawing Device in action in the video below.


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