Augmented Reality Cinema puts you inside your favorite movies

Many people have great ideas for iPhone apps, but this one is one of the few that is tailor made for us sci-fi fans. It's called the Augmented Reality Cinema, and it promises to blur the lines between the fantasy world of film and real life.

First off let's start with a caveat, the people behind this concept have yet to actually show off a confirmable real version of this software working, all we have at this point is a very exciting video, but it's enough to get our app store credits halfway out of our digital wallets. Hailing from the UK, the app idea would presumably use GPS data to auto-load film clips from famous films shot at the location you are currently pointing your phone at. Obviously this is something that would likely only work best in film hubs like New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, London, and Paris, but the idea is solid and could win a lot of fans. You can see the application concept in action in the video below.

Via NotCot

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