Apple plans its biggest store for NYC's Grand Central Station

Is there no place Apple can't plant its flag? Apparently not, as the company scored some retail space in New York City's Grand Central Station, which is already filled with a lot of the kind of stores you see in airports: magazine shops and odds and ends. Thanks to the 23,000-square-foot bid Grand Central will be the home of the biggest Apple Store yet.

No matter your feeling on the world's second most valuable company, Apple has designed some pretty striking retail spaces — if a little too, uh, shatter-prone. It sounds like the company's bid was pretty fancy, too, according to PCWorld's David Daw:

The company reportedly delivered the bid to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, which runs Grand Central Station, in a linen-lined box as if the bid were an expensive gift. Presumably Apple will deliver the blueprints for the new store on a velvet pillow sometime soon.

There are some Photoshop concepts floating around about what the store could look like, but nothing official just yet.

Now all we need is for a PCWorld

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