Whoops: Anonymous's AnonPlus social network hacked by rivals

After getting banned from Google's new Google+ social network, the hacker collective known as Anonymous went and built their own social network: AnonPlus. That was two days ago! In an ironic twist, the hackers who have been hacking everybody and everything, well, got hacked themselves.

A Taste of Their Own Medicine

According to reports, Anonymous's AnonPlus website was defaced by two hacking groups who identified themselves as TURKIYE and AKINCILAR. As of this writing, the social network redirects to Anonymous's message board.

The crime was a small time bump for Anonymous, as the rival hackers only managed to add a dog head to the Anonymous logo's headless suit (see photo above), a "Cyber-Warrior Tim" logo along with a low-level threat such as "Now all of you go to your doghouse."

It just goes to show that even Anonymous is not invulnerable to cyber hacks from enemy hackers. Although the damage might have been reversed (but not completely restored), Anonymous hasn't missed a single beat.

Hackers Keep on Trucking

The hacking group announced on its Twitter that it had stolen over 1GB of data from NATO. They cautioned NATO that they wouldn't release the data because "it would be irresponsible."

Their next tweet? A link to a restricted NATO PDF file. Reasons weren't provided as to why Anonymous chose to hack NATO, but it's believed that it involves the FBI's arrests of 21 alleged hackers who are believed to have ties to the hacking crew.

Laughing at the FBI

While most people would call it quits when the FBI gets involved, Anonymous seems to be so decentralized, they're not afraid of the U.S. intelligence agency — not one bit.

Released in an official message with the revived LulzSec, Anonymous said, "Arresting people won't stop us. We will only cease fire when you all wear shoes on your heads. That's the only way this is ending."

Bold words, but the outcome can only have a whole team of winners and a lot of losers. And being the powerhouse that the FBI is, we can't see the FBI ever heeding the words of Anonymous.

It's a scary thinking that these hackers are out there terrorizing everything "for the lulz" or for the sake of "freedom" but the FBI hasn't even managed to reveal any real leads as to who actually took down Sony's PlayStation Network for an entire month.

And as awful as all this hacking business is, it's also been kind of amusing to see how the media has reported on these events. Take this clip from the U.K's Sky News. They think LulzSec is a person named "Louise Boat." We can't help but chuckle at how much more interesting the Internet's become since these hackings catapulted onto the center stage.

Via MSNBC and L.A. Times

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