A visual history of the Dark Knight's most iconic Batmobiles

When you're a self-made superhero like Bruce Wayne's alter ego, Batman, fighting crime is tough without any real super powers. In fact, if Wayne wasn't such a super rich billionaire playboy with boatloads of money to spare investing and building high-tech gadgetry, he'd be pretty dead trying to fight off Gotham's sinister baddies.

In honor of DVICE's "Superhero Week" ahead of the premiere of Syfy's new show, Alphas, we've hopped in a time machine to revisit what we think are 14 of Batman's greatest Batmobiles of all times. Follow us through as we celebrate the Dark Knight's sweet rides from the last 70 years.

(A big shout out to the fine archivers at Batmobile History, without which researching and learning about all the wondrous Batmobiles would not have been possible. Seriously, go check them out, they've got a freaking crazy amount of Batmobiles from the TV series, to the movies, to the cartoons and even the toy-only models!)

DVICE Superhero Week

Alphas premieres tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

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A visual history of the Dark Knight's most iconic Batmobiles

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A very special thanks again to Josh Ellingson, who created the amazing artwork for the Superhero Week features above.

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