9 video game takes on NYC's Times Square, which one is accurate?

We've all heard the adage that "life imitates art," but what about when art — in this case, video games — imitate life? How precise are video game worlds based on real-world locations? Geoff and Jack from AchievementHunters decided to examine nine games depicting NYC's Times Square and the findings will tickle you.

Cutting scenes from Grand Theft Auto IV, Spider-Man 3, Forza 3, Prototype, Crysis 2, The Bigs, Ghostbusters, The Incredible Hulk and Legendary, the duo's video commentary provide some serious food for thought on how real locations are represented in video games.

Not only do we deduce that that no two video games are created equal, no doubt due to their budget and team size constraints, but we also learn that sometimes photorealistic games aren't necessarily the most important thing when deciding to pick up a game.

So, no matter how many times a game's been set in one location, each game has its own unique twist and spin on things. To the person who said that originality is dead, you're right! But genericness with style? Now that's how video game devs roll.

Sometimes, quick laughs are better than the nitty gritty hell-holes of Call of Duty and Gears of War. We won't spoil it, but let us know which portrayal of Times Square you liked the most from the video and don't forget to drop your comments down below.

AchievementHunter, via LaughingSquid

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