5 videos of fireworks gone wrong in big, BIG ways

Do you know what you're doing this Fourth of July weekend? Well, whatever happens, hopefully it doesn't involve low-to-the-ground firework mishaps, fiery explosions, plenty of screaming. Let's call the videos we've collected here of firework failure a cautionary tale, then, because they contain all that and more.

It goes without saying, but, please don't try this at home — said home would end up blowing up.

1. Going Off Too Low

They say not to start a show with a showstopper, but we absolutely love this vid. No one was harmed that we know of, but we bet no one was able to stay asleep, either.

2. Fire in The Tent

Apparently, a pair of pranksters thought it'd be funny to light up a firework tent in Port Richey, Florida. It makes for one hell of a show from a distance, but there's a sad side to this coin: two customers, including a five-year-old boy, were injured, and the folks at Galaxy Fireworks lost around $70,000.

3. Ballgame Blowout

It's not uncommon to end a ballgame with fireworks. What is uncommon: accidentally setting off all the fireworks at once.

4. Taking It to The Streets

We don't quite know what's going on here, but there's a lot of running, bright flashes and fireworks blowing up everywhere in a street. Watch it all the way through — it gets crazier and crazier still.

5. Factory Fireball

If you thought a tent blowing up looked crazy, then try a whole factory — it looks like the world is ending in the video below. There have been several firework factory explosions, and each one is its own disaster. The factory below in Kolding, Denmark claimed the life of a eight, injured dozens and damaged thousands of buildings, hundreds of them homes.

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