3D cloning shop gives you the most realistic twin you can buy

3D printers have been around long enough for prices to gradually decrease enough to allow independent shops to harness them for a myriad of innovative uses. One tiny shop in Tokyo has now decided that one of those uses should be getting a head start on creating mechanical replicas of ourselves.

The Clone Factory specializes in taking your three-dimensional image, translating it into code, and then producing the most realistic doll of yourself that you will ever see. And while the process is relatively straight forward, the price (about $1,800) will dissuade all but the most narcissistic from creating their own miniature doppelgangers. With this level of realistic facial feature accuracy, it's just a matter of time before someone enlarges this process, slaps some robotics inside one of these and gives us truly usable body doubles. You can see video of the process from scanning to final product in the video below.

Via DannyChoo

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