$35 microSD transforms Nook Color into full Android tablet

Good news Nook Color owners, you can now buy a microSD card loaded up with special software that will transform that $250 e-reader into a multimedia playing, supercharged Android tablet beast. Only $35.

Nook2Android's microSD hacking magic is the like the holy-grail of hacking for Nook Color owners. There's really nothing to it. Just pop in the microSD card and turn on the device and ta-da, you've got yourself a full Android 2.3 tablet. It's no Android 3.0 Honeycomb, but hey, for $35, it's like your Nook Color just transformed into a Samsung Galaxy Tab (the 7-inch one).

Don't worry about your Nook Color's e-reader OS. That's safe too, because the Nook2Android microSD can dual-boot both it and Android 2.3.

This hack does make you wonder how differently things would be if Barnes & Noble just activated Android 2.3 as a default. Would the Nook Color have pummeled the Kindle into the ground? It's already edged out the Kindle as the most popular e-reader. Android 2.3 super powers would only serve to help maintain its lead.

Nook2Android's selling three capacities so expanding your Nook Color's storage is flexible. $35 will get you an 8GB microSD card, $50 for 16GB and $90 for 32GB. It's a cheap man's solution to extending the Nook Color's life and function, but hell, if it works, it works!

Nook2Android, via GigaOm

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