6 DIY superheroes that do their comic book inspirations justice

Short on the kind of radioactive spiders and science-experiments-gone-wrong that help make your usual superhero, well, super, us everyday kind of folk have to come up with our own solutions. You know what? Those solutions aren't hurting for a pen and paper, either — we've still got plenty of flame-throwin', claw-sniktin' and flashy full-body armor, and without all the fuss and muss of being a mutant or some flying, caped alien.

Coming at'cha after the long weekend, today kicks off "Superhero Week" on DVICE, brought to you by Syfy's upcoming show, Alphas. What can you expect? Well, we're not going to take our mask off just yet, but awesome art from one Mr. Joshua Ellingson like you see above, and sweet, sweet superhero goodness like you see below, from today until next Monday.

So, come, step on into our Batcave by clicking on any image in the gallery.

DVICE Superhero Week

Alphas premieres tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

6 DIY superheroes that do their comic book inspirations justice

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A very special thanks again to Josh Ellingson, who created the amazing artwork for the Superhero Week features above.

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