Zero gravity living space ignores the fact that we have gravity

When you live in zero gravity, the differences between walls, ceilings, and floors is irrelevant, because unlike on Earth, every surface can be fully utilized. But when you try to recreate that scenario in an environment bound by gravity, you're bound to run into a few problems.

The Phalanstery Module is unlike any normal living space, because it slowly rotates so that the perspective of what is up and down is constantly changing. Making one rotation per hour, two people within the space will probably crash into each other once every seven and a half minutes.

Built by an architecture collective called Bureau Spectacular, the Module is said to be based on a comic book created by Bureau Spectacular member Jimenez Lai, about a spaceship journey carrying Earth's last survivors to a new world. Yea, whatever.

Still, it looks like it might be fun to ride in for a while, even if actually living there would be pretty much impossible.

The Phalanstery Module appears to be in a backyard in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.

Bureau Spectacular, via DesignBuzz

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