Youngster builds complete 8-bit computer, even codes the OS

If you can put together a Lego playset, you can build your own PC. You plug your SATA cables in where the SATA cables go, and connect the power. And you're done. For the true computer fanatic there's another option, though: Jack Eisenmann, who just recently graduated high school, put this thing together from scratch.

It's not as flashy as Steve Chamberlin's homebrew 8-but computer — yes, that is a big, plastic, Tupperware-like container the computer is sitting in, and the old keyboard and TV the machine is using doesn't help pretty it up, either — but its cheap looks beguile the amount of work that went into it. Eisenmann painstakingly planned it out and wired it up by hand, even coding his own custom OS, complete with games such as Pong and his side-scrolling original, Get Muffins. It took him about a year to complete.

Called the DUO Adept by its creator, the machine has specs that aren't even worth a buck by today's standards. It uses 100 chips connected by a lot of wiring, 256 bytes of RAM and 64KB of memory, running an OS that utilizes a whopping 263 lines of code. What it lacks in mere specs and hardware, however, it makes up with immeasurable charm.

You can see a video demonstration by Jack Eisenmann down below.

DUO Adept, via PC Pro, via Boing Boing

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